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Catapult SDK

The free Catapult SDK (Software Development Kit) from Imagination Technologies is developed by embedded developers, for embedded developers.  You get everything you need to write, build and debug software in C/C++ for a range of RISC-V platforms; including, of course, the Catapult CPU series.

  • A curated package of RISC-V toolchains, optimized C libraries and debugging tools, suitable for development of either “bare-metal” or linux-based systems
  • Startup code for all supported platforms, automatically included in your build, performing cache initialization etc
  • Our unique ldgen linker script generation tool, which eliminates the complexity of memory layout
  • The Catapult Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Comprehensive documentation, and examples that build and run “out of the box” on all supported platforms

It comes as an installer for four platforms: Ubuntu and CentOS Linux, Windows and MacOS.

catapult studio overview

Catapult Studio

Based on the hugely popular open-source product Visual Studio Code, the Catapult Studio IDE has been extended to boost your productivity when developing for embedded systems.  Integrating tightly with the rest of the SDK, Catapult Studio has built-in understanding of several different popular RISC-V platforms: it knows about the memory map, peripheral registers, control and status registers (CSRs), and how to connect to the target system.  If your platform is not in the built-in selection, it can be added using our platform configuration window.

Features for embedded development include:

  • Automated connection to remote targets
  • Editable memory window with colour-coded memory regions
  • Peripheral registers window
  • Data visualisation (vector plotting) window

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