Introduction to 3D Graphics

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This course provides detailed explanations of all of the important fundamental topics within 3D graphics. This will give you a solid foundation to begin your journey into graphics development.

Topics covered

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Geometry
    • Vertices
    • Meshes
    • Vertex Transformation
    • Model, View, and World Space
  • The Graphics Pipeline, Pixels, and Screen Space
    • Culling
    • Pixels and Fragments
    • Frame and Frame Buffer
  • Fragment Processing
    • Rasterization
    • Shading
    • Alpha Blend
    • Depth Test
  • Textures
    • Textures
    • MIP Mapping
    • Texture Filtering
  • Lighting
    • Lighting and Shadows
    • Light Sources
    • Phong Lighting
    • Reflections
    • Shadows
  • Shaders
    • Shaders
    • Programmable vs Fixed Function
    • How Shaders Work
    • Attributes, Uniforms, and Varyings
    • Shader Data Flow
    • Examples
  • Additional Material
    • Graphics APIs
    • Ray Tracing


Some programming experience would be helpful, but it is not essential.

Target audience

  • Developers who are new to 3D graphics development
  • Non-technical staff who are looking for a basic overview of 3D graphics