Introduction to PVRScope

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This training introduces users to PVRScope, a software library that interacts with the PowerVR drivers to either send data from the application or retrieve data into the application. PVRScope works closely with PVRTune to visualise its transmitted data, and so using PVRScope can give additional depth and effectivness to PVRTune.

Topics covered

  • Introduction – What is PVRScope?
  • Dataflow diagrams
  • PVRScopeStats
    • Initialising and Accessing data
    • Code example and Counters
  • PVRScopeComms
    • Using and Initialising PVRScopeComms
    • Custom Timing Data
    • Custom Marks
    • Custom Counters
    • Sending and Receiving Editable Data
    • Code example and Multithreading


Target audience

Moderately experienced graphics developers.