Profiling and Debugging with PowerVR Tools

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This training will cover some of the PowerVR Tools in more detail, and how they can be used as part of a process to improve and optimise your applications. This training will also help you identify and solve some basic bottlenecks that may occur.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to the PowerVR Tools
  • Profiling with PVRTune
    • What is PVRTune?
    • Understanding the timing data
    • Identifying bottlenecks
    • Counters
    • Common problems
    • Example bottleneck identification
    • Additional features of PVRTune
    • Additional features continued
  • Graphics debugging with PVRCarbon
    • What is PVRCarbon?
    • Analysis in PVRCarbon
    • Debugging resources in PVRCarbon
    • Debugging resources continued
  • Profiling with PVRShaderEditor
  • Solving Bottlenecks (CPU)
  • Solving Bottlenecks (Renderer)
  • Solving Bottlenecks (Tiler)
  • Solving Bottlenecks (Texturing)
  • Advanced debugging with PVRScope
  • PowerVR Ecosystem and Support


Target audience

Intermediate-experienced graphics developers looking to optimise their applications.