PowerVR Tools and SDK 2016 Release 1.1

PowerVR SDK v4.1.1

  • Re-introduced and enhanced the workaround for EGL context report on systems that claim overoptimistic capabilities.
  • Several stability and memory corruption issues fixed for OpenGL ES and Vulkan.
  • Fixed a double-delete bug and made the object wrapper destructors more defensive.
  • Changed Linux builds default optimization level from O3 to O2 as this was causing instabilities with some GCC versions. This fixes pre-built demo binaries for Linux.
  • SDKBrowser: Updated ReleaseNotes to reflect 2016 R1 and R1.1 releases.

PVRVFrame v10.3.1

  • Fixed “strict” mode due to it being too strict, which caused issues on some AMD graphic cards.


  • Updated Windows signature to SHA-2. This will stop the “The signature is corrupt or invalid” message.