PowerVR Tools and SDK 2016 Release 1.2

PowerVR SDK v4.1.2

  • Fixed a bug in iOS touch input where it could sometimes be very difficult to register a touch due to very small allowed pixel distance.
  • Fixed a bug in the VulkanBumpmap example where Samplers were local and allowed to be destroyed while still in use.
  • Changed the SwapInterval / VSync strategy to map better between OpenGL and Vulkan. The -vsync command line parameter now works with either (On, Off, Relaxed, Mailbox, Half) methods, or with SwapInterval numbers of (0,1,2,-1). Half is not usually supported on Vulkan (and will map to On), Mailbox is not usually supported in OGLES (and will map to Off).
  • The Framework static library prebuild binaries are no longer packaged with the SDK to reduce package size.

PVRTune v14.141.1

  • New PVRScope API: PVRScopeReadTimingData(). This function can be called periodically if you wish to access the start and end times of tasks running on the GPU. The first time this function is called will enable the feature; from then on data will be stored. If you wish to call this function once only at the end of a test run, call it once also prior to the test run.

PVRShaman v2.3.1

  • Fixed failure to start on OS X due to missing QT library.