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Khronos Vulkan

Vulkan® is a modern, cross-platform, graphics and compute API from the Khronos® Group, which gives low-level access to the GPU. By developing with Vulkan, you can benefit from greater control with higher performance from your applications.

Imagination is one of the promoter (highest-level) members of the Khronos Group and we’re delighted to contribute to the Vulkan community with our PowerVR SDK and Tools. We not only fully support the Vulkan API, but we also provide many useful ways for you to take better advantage of the power of Vulkan.

Get your Vulkan application started faster

Our examples in our PowerVR SDK include both OpenGL ES and Vulkan code, and normally make use of our PowerVR Framework. 

The well-documented examples cater for everyone, from those completely new to Vulkan who want to find out how to render a triangle, right up to cutting-edge graphics techniques such as physically-based rendering (PBR) for more experienced graphics developers. Use them as a basis for your own application, or just borrow the parts you need.

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PowerVR Vulkan hardware

PowerVR Vulkan hardware
Want to see Vulkan on a retail PowerVR device? The Oppo Reno Z  is one of many devices available to buy now!


PVR Ray Tracing
Simulation Layer

PVRRayTracingSimulation is a collection of Vulkan layers that simulate the capabilities and behavior of ray tracing on a PowerVR platform.