Making it easy to compress textures in whatever way works best for you

Rendering at its most efficient

Getting the lowest possible texture memory overhead is critical to your application’s performance. PVRTexTool gives you a wide array of tools and features for pre-processing your textures for efficient rendering, giving you more time to make your textures look as good as they should.

PVRTexTool supports all core texture formats in Vulkan, OpenGL ES, and DirectX 11.1 as well as the PVR format, optimised specifically for PowerVR hardware.

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Compress and optimise for any format

PVRTexTool is able to output to PVR, KTX, KTX2, ASTC, and DDS files, giving it a wide range of compatibility with most graphics applications. This lets it slide easily into your workflow, regardless of what you’re working on. In particular is our PVR format, which not only has a fully public specification, but also supports custom metadata and even comes with optimised resource-loading code available as part of the SDK Framework.

Compressing your textures is as easy as a few clicks and gives you full control thanks to your limitless range of options, including but not limited to: PVRTC, ASTC, ETC, BASISU, and DXT/BC.

Use our powerful texture manipulation tools

As well as compressing your textures for memory-optimal usage, PVRTexTool also comes with a plethora of processing options for working with textures:

  • MIP map generation
  • Normal map generation
  • Texture arrays
  • Font-to-texture generation
  • Border generation and colour bleeding
  • Cubemap generation
  • Ultimate flexibility and control

    All of these features are easy to use and developers can get started in improving their application performance quickly.

    PVRTexTool also comes in library form and as a command-line application so that it can be easily integrated into your toolchain, and we also supply plugins for popular graphics software that allows you to make texture compression and processing part of the texture creation process.

    Get started with PVRTexTool

    Unlock the potential of PVRTexTool by downloading our powerful tool below!

    Harness the capabilities by referring to our comprehensive documentation at the top of the page for a smooth start.

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