A lightweight, easy-to-use tool for shader editing and profiling

Write, edit, and profile shaders

Write, edit, and profile shaders in a simple IDE that provides immediate, as-you-type feedback and compilation statistics, allowing you to rapidly develop high-quality shaders optimised for PowerVR hardware.

PVRShaderEditor includes all of the features you’d expect from a shader IDE, such as syntax highlighting and error/warning messages. It also includes an integrated GLSL ES profiling compiler, which provides instant performance and cycle cost metrics for the shader code you write, allowing you to spot inefficiencies and errors quickly.

Much more than just a regular shader editor

PVRShaderEditor is designed to revolutionise your shader development process and experience.

By providing real-time performance estimates, you can see exactly how the code you’re writing is expected to behave on PowerVR GPUs and then explore that directly with the built-in disassembly feature, showing you exactly what the machine code output will be. Our powerful GLSL compilers are built and optimised for PowerVR hardware, letting you optimise for maximum performance.

Analyse performance in real-time

Profile your shader with immediate feedback on various PowerVR metrics, including:

  • Per-line cycle count estimates
  • Simulated total cycle count estimates
  • Profiling output and other useful statistics
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