A lightweight and simple OpenGL ES and EGL emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS

From desktop, to mobile

PVRVFrame allows developers to test and emulate the behaviour of their mobile applications from a desktop environment.

By simulating OpenGL ES and other similar APIs on machines that don’t natively support mobile, PVRVFrame lets you continue to use the IDEs and development platforms that you’re comfortable with. PVRVFrame redirects the OpenGL ES calls through OpenGL, meaning you can develop applications for mobile without needing access to a device at all.

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Emulates hardware capabilities of specific GPUs

We include a selection of profiles to emulate the hardware you may want to target. Through our GUI, you can modify or even create new profiles as needed.

Specific hardware capabilities
A wide range of hardware capabilities are available, such as the number of shader varyings and texture format types.

Supported extensions
Any EGL™ or OpenGL ES supported extensions are emulated in full by the libraries.

Get started with PVRVFrame

Unlock the potential of PVRVFrame by downloading our powerful tool below!

Harness the capabilities by referring to our comprehensive documentation at the top of the page for a smooth start.

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