Utilise our powerful API tracing and debugging tool for OpenCL, OpenGL ES, and Vulkan applications

Capture and analyse app data API calls

PVRCarbon gives developers deep insight into how their application behaves by recording, playing back, and analysing their application’s graphics API usage.

By capturing the OpenCL, OpenGL ES, and Vulkan API calls made by an application, users can see exactly where bugs or errors in their system comes from, backed up by our static analysis, frame debugging, and C++ export features. These can then be exported and played back on any other compatible device, allowing for multi-platform testing and debugging with ease.

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Powerful GUI and CLI features

The PVRCarbon GUI also has many other tools to help with the debugging process, as well as a robust CLI option.

The GUI allows you to step through a recording, frame-by-frame to pinpoint any problems or bugs, while the CLI allows you to trim unwanted frames from the start and end of a recording. The GUI also houses our Static Analysis tool showing you how your API calls are processed, as well as our fully-featured frame debugger, which can show you textures, shader code, memory objects, and more.

Record applications running on-device without hassle

The PVRCarbon GUI remote recorder allows you to capture an application’s API calls without having to install any libraries or edit configuration files. Simply connect to the device over USB or via local network, and recording can be started and stopped on-demand, over any number of frames, letting you control exactly what gets captured, meaning you can isolate and determine the cause of any issues.

Framebuffers are also recorded, allowing you to see exactly what data is being processed.

Application playback on remote devices

Recordings can also be deployed remotely to any compatible device so you can explore how behaviour changes on different hardware.

Playback is cross-platform, meaning you can record on one device, and play it back on another, thus saving time in your debug process. The PVRCarbon player is supported on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux (including RISC-V), and all Android platforms, meaning you can target a wide range of environments.

C++ Export for compiling and debugging

PVRCarbon can export recordings as a C++ project, allowing for flexible debugging without needing the original source code.

These projects can be compiled on Windows and Linux with the provided CMake files, and on Android with the provided Gradle files. This allows you to work backwards and see exactly what the code is doing as part of your development process seamlessly, while also providing you with a new level of insight into your application’s behaviour.

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