Catapult SDK

Developed by embedded developers,
for embedded developers

Everything you need to Catapult

The free Catapult SDK is developed by embedded developers, for embedded developers.

You get everything you need to write, build, and debug software in C/C++ for a range of RISC-V platforms, including, of course, the Catapult CPU series.

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A curated package of RISC-V toolchains, optimized C libraries and debugging tools, suitable for development of either “bare-metal” or linux-based systems

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Startup code for all supported platforms, automatically included in your build, performing cache initialization etc

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Our unique "ldgen" linker script generation tool, which eliminates the complexity of memory layout.

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Comprehensive documentation, and examples that build and run “out of the box” on all supported platforms.

Catapult Studio

We offer two extensions for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code IDE: Catapult Studio and Catapult Debug. These extensions enhance productivity for embedded systems development by integrating with third-party tools like CMake-Tools and clangd. Catapult Studio is tightly integrated with the SDK, providing built-in support for various RISC-V platforms. It recognises memory maps, peripheral registers, CSRs, and facilitates easy connection to target systems. Custom platforms can be added through the platform configuration window.

Features include:

  • Automated connection to remote targets
  • Editable memory window with colour-coded memory regions
  • Peripheral registers window
  • Data visualisation (vector plotting) window
  • Download from the Microsoft Store

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