PowerVR Tools and SDK 2022 Release 2

PVRTexTool v5.4.0


  • Fixed a file loading issue which resulted in some KTX2 files failing to load.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when compressing certain textures to PVRTC.
  • The library now interprets 16 bit image files, such as PNG, as being in linear colour space.

PVRTune v14.154


  • Fix a case where PVRScope time stamps could become disordered, causing certain events to disappear at certain zoom levels.
  • Fix DTEC-3846: Metrics derived from certain counter sources can sometimes display unexpected and erroneous values on Volcanic devices.
  • Fix DTEC-3912: Fix issues that caused parts of the user interface to become unreadable if the macOS system dark theme was used.
  • Task [Time] “Duration” is now shown to only four decimal places.

PVRTune Complete

  • Implement DTEC-4259: Support new HW performance counters added in Series CXTP and DXT devices.
  • Implement DTEC-4297 NNA Export and display ‘core_mask’
  • Implement DTEC-4416 NNA Per-core active times
  • Implement DTEC-4300 NNA PID not being shown in KM tasks
  • Implement DTEC-2690 HWPerf: support Pipelined DataMasters
  • Add support for ePVRSSFWActKickCancel.


  • Marks now also show any DeviceID value.
  • Marks now also show event ordinals, which are easier to cross reference with data from hwperfbin2json and CSV Raw files exported from PVRTune.
  • Vulkan client stream: differentiate activity properties sections by numbering each recorded command, and show the VulkanObjectID.
    • Fix Statistics Report JSON view and export: identically named keys would overwrite each other, rather than be kept separate. Seen in Vulkan client stream data where e.g. many “Execute Commands” or “Bind Descriptor Sets” etc at the same level of the tree would collapse down to one.
  • Added new groups in the Counter Groups window for Series CXTP/DXT (RT) devices.
  • Implement DTEC-3703: Display the device capabilities, constants used in various counter equations, in the PVRPerfServer Details window.
  • Implement DTEC-4459: Display compiler profiling statistics and disassembly for Vulkan shaders in the event properties window.
  • Task [Time] “Duration” is now the parent item for the three duration values measured in clock cycles.
  • Add DMCycle end Mark for timing tasks which have this data, and left align the horizontal black bar.


  • Add –driver-gpu parameter; replaces –driver parameter, which still works but is marked as legacy.
  • Add –driver-nna parameter.